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444 Alan's Astronaut Autograph Gallery (12/26/98 Alan Thompson USA) Links
Personal collection of astronaut autographs. (Specialties: Stamps,)
263 All the world - Postage Stamps (08/18/01 Pete Stevens UK)
Postage stamps of the world also accessories and free download lists. Registered safer shopping site. (Specialties: Miscellaneous,Stamps)
68 AmeriCom Philatelic (12/26/98 Martin L. Barron, Jr. USA) Links
Specializing in mint U.S. commemoratives and regular issues from 1890-present. (Specialties: Stamps,)
291 Armenian Philatelic Association (05/12/02 contact USA)
This is a heaven for Armenian related stamps collectors. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
307 Ascension Island Post Cards (09/17/02 Nathan Prince Ascension Island)
Postcards from the most isolated tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean, Ascension Island lies in the path of the South-East Trade Winds, 1,300 km northwest of Saint Helena. (Specialties: Postcards/Picture)
69 Astronaut Autographs (12/26/98 Justin Locke Canada) Links
Personal list of Astronaut/Cosmonaut autographs. A list of addresses to write to for autographs of astronaut and cosmonauts. Links to similar sites. (Specialties: Autographs,Miscellaneous,Space,)
122 Aviation Signed Covers (09/22/01 Peter Whitehead UKraine)
Aviation related signed covers, all genuine with full money back if ont satisfied. (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Day,Topicals)
427 Betty's Stamps For Sale (05/04/00 Betty Chang USA) Links
Stamps for sale from my personal collection. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
73 Bill's Fun and Hobby Page (10/08/01 Bill Pertzborn USA) Links
Stamps, First Day Covers, Sport Cards, Phone Cards Beer cans and Phonogrph cards. But mostly stamps with specialty in German. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Covers/First Day,Phone Cards,Sports Cards)
616 Birdland Stamps (10/15/99 Walter Bird USA) Links
You will find a little bit of everything for stamps collectors at Birdland Stamps. U.S. sets and singles, revenues, worldwide, odd lots, USPS year sets, etc. (Specialties: Lots,Revenues,Sets,Stamps,Year Sets)
254 Cape Fear Stamps & Collectibles (10/08/01 Mike Leonard USA) Links
U.S.Mint Sheets & Plate Blocks, Shopping Cart capable. Overseas shipping available. (Specialties: Plate Blocks,Stamps)
74 Chess on Stamps (12/26/98 Colin Rose Australia)
This site was created by Colin Rose. It neatly brings together two of his recent interests: chess and philately. (Specialties: Stamps,)
187 Chinese stamps (06/02/01 John Adams UK)
Stamps from China, and chinese postal history. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Postal History,Stamps)
434 Coelacanth on Stamps (11/28/98 Cliff Hyland South Africa) Links
The history of the Coelacanth as shown on stamps of the world. (Specialties: Topicals,)
308 Croatian charity stamps (09/17/02 Berni Croatia)
Everything about Croatian charity stamps plus links to related sites about Croatian stamps. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
81 Dave's Canadian Stamps (11/04/97 David Marasco Canada)
Canadian and Commonwealth stamps for sale or trade. (Specialties: Stamps)
75 Dead Post Offices and Grandpas (04/04/00 Matt Dakin USA) Links
Information on Mississippi Postal History and Postal History basics. (Specialties: Covers,Miscellaneous,Postal History,Topicals)
8 Dennis Sutton's StampsToGo (03/27/05 Dennis Sutton Australia)
Links to my auctions on Aussiebids (Specialties: Links,Stamps)
171 Error Stamps on the Web (10/15/98 Steven Crippe USA)
Postage stamps with production mistakes. Color errors, misprints, imperfs. (Specialties: Stamps,)
293 Free United States Stamps (05/23/02 Brian Harrod USA) Links
On this non-profit site new collectors can get a free packet of US stamps, as well as, basic Stamp collecting information and links. (Specialties: Stamps)
549 GBstamps (04/14/99 Larry Rosenblum USA) Links
Dedicated to the collecting and study of the stamps of Great Britain and related material. (Specialties: Stamps)
625 Galaxy UK Ltd. (10/23/99 Roland Ford UK) Links
Monthly postal bid sales, three weekly sales of collections, boxes, etc. (Specialties: Auctions,Exchange/Trade,Postcards/Picture,Stamps)
87 Gateway Stamp Commemoratives (04/10/98 Rose Wiley USA)
Personally autographed full-color commemorative covers and FDCs, Sports,politics, and miscellaneous (Specialties: First Day Covers)
138 Hans Maier Stamps (07/05/00 Victor Roussinov South Africa)
Largest Philatelic Centre in South Africa. Five Dealers under one roof. Importers/wholesalers of quality products for Southern Africa. New issue service for a lot of countries worldwide on request. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps,Topicals)
3 Hungarian Stamp Collecting (03/14/01 Pierre Vattepain France)
Classification by dates, rare and single stamps, topics and published work. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
267 Iranphilately (11/19/03 Ahmed Darvishvand Iran) Links
All your philatelic needs from Iran but we also supply Coca-Cola, beer cans, etc.! (Specialties: Stamps)
88 Jacob's Stamp Stack (03/28/97 contact Finland)
89 Jeremy's Astronaut Autographs (12/26/98 Jeremy Theoret USA) Links
Astronaut autograph exhibits, addresses, autopens, and more! (Specialties: Autographs,First Day Covers,)
90 Laraway's Irish Varieties (12/26/98 David Laraway USA) Links (Specialties: Stamps,)
578 Leisurewrite (09/26/01 Ron and Eunice Shanahan Australia) Links
British Postal History: old letters, stamps, booklets, covers, and other philatelic items (Specialties: Covers,Miscellaneous,Postal History,Stamps)
30 Lighthouse Philately (03/13/01 Kelvin Sleeper Hong Kong) Links
List and pictures of lighthouse stamps and stationeries (Specialties: Aerogrammes,Booklets,Postcards/Picture,Stamps,Topicals)
92 Love Indonesia Philately (07/06/00 Richard Susilo Japan)
The most comprehensive Indonesia Philatelic site. Plus links to other important philatelic sites. (Specialties: Country-Specific)
93 Machine Cancel Electronic Forum (09/17/03 Richard E Small USA) Links
I maintain a computerized database of machine cancels. It is now has over 6 Megabytes of data. (Specialties: Cancels)
197 Mauritius Classic Stamps (02/27/02 M.C. Werner Switzerland) Links
The Island of Mauritius is famous for 2 of the rarest stamps in the World, the 1847 Post Office Penny Orange and Twopence Blue. The main goal of this web site is to share information about Classic Mauritius stamps (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
109 Moon Voyager Autographs (12/14/03 Ed Fortier USA) Links
Autographs of 23 of the 24 Apollo astronauts who voyaged to the Moon. (Specialties: Autographs,Miscellaneous,Space)
95 Mushroom stamps (03/31/97 John Dhabolt USA)
96 My Exchanging List (04/16/01 Simon Milkus Ukraine) Links
Interested in worldwide stamp swapping. (Specialties: Stamps)
366 My Private Collection for Sale (12/14/04 Matthew Day UK)
My Private Collection For Sale - Stamps, Signed Covers, Autographs, First Day Covers, Ship Post Cards, Ship Photos, Royal Navy, Military Signatures, Philatelic & Other Collectables (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Day,Miscellaneous,Stamps)
100 New Zealand Stamp Links (12/26/98 Roger Pearce USA) Links
Comprehensive links to New Zealand related stamp sites (Specialties: Country-Specific,Links,)
101 Norwegian Railways on Stamps (03/13/01 Jon Digranes Norway)
Informative and non-commercial page presenting all postal stamps concerning railways in Norway. (Specialties: Miscellaneous,Stamps,Topicals)
576 Nuno Maia Goncalves Stamps of Portugal (07/08/99 Nuno Maia Goncalves Portugal) Links
Stamps from Portugal and Ex-Colonies (Specialties: Stamps)
285 Petroleum: The Black Gold (09/26/01 Carlo Dalmiro Silva Soares USA)
Thematic collection with the subject OIL (PETROLEUM): geological origin, prospecting, perforation in ground and in sea, refinary, petrochemical plants, oil terminal, pipeline, oil tanker, famous persons, oil symbols. (Specialties: Postal Stationery,Stamps,Topicals)
559 Philanoldi Switzerland (05/13/99 Arnold Ottonin Switzerland)
Purchase/Exchange/Trade covers, world postal history and topicals (Specialties: Covers,Miscellaneous,Postal History,Topicals)
606 Philately Universe (10/08/01 Enrico Arkink Netherlands)
A lot of links! And you can trade stamps here with other collectors! (Specialties: Exchange/Trade,Stamps)
104 Pioneer Stamp Company (06/17/98 John Turner USA)
Premiere stamps for dealers/collectors. Updated regularly, offering stamps in all price ranges. (Specialties: Stamps)
607 Postage Stamp Labels, ATM (10/07/99 Rainer Reimund Germany) Links
Vending machine postage stamp labels, Franking labels, Automatenmarken, ATM round the world. (Specialties: Postal-Related)
106 Postal History and Post Cards (03/28/97 Henrik S. Sorensen)
14 Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad (02/08/00 CPRR Museum USA) Links
Central Pacific Railroad Photgraphic History Museum -- Postal history of the first transcontinental railroad. (Specialties: Covers/First Day,Postcards/Picture,Topical/Railroads)
615 Prashant Pandya's Hobby Shop (10/15/99 Prashant H. Pandya India) Links
Explore the world of philately through "Philavision". My collection includes Post Cards, Envelopes, Letter Sheets, Registered Envelopes, Aerogrammes, Airmail Envelopes, Newspaper Wrappers and Air graphs. (Specialties: Aerogrammes,Airmails,Covers,Miscellaneous,Postcards/Picture)
610 Predecimal Stamps of Australia (10/11/99 Mike Andrew Australia) Links
600+ pages of imprints, sheets and plate layouts of all Issues 1913 to 1965. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
260 Railway Thematic Stamps (10/08/01 Horst Brix Germany)
Railway thematic stamps in general and railway thematic stamps of Germany (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals,Topical/Railroads)
212 Ron's Submarine's Covers (02/27/02 Ronny Saxe Belgium) Links
Worldwide Submarine Covers and stamps (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Day,Stamps,Topicals)
110 Russia and Hungary (12/26/98 Jan Langenberg Netherlands) Links
Homepage dedicated to Russia and Hungary (Specialties: Country-Specific,Perfins,)
86 Russian Philately (10/08/01 David M. Rowell USA) Links
An extensive collection of information related to Russian philately, stamps, postal history, etc. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Miscellaneous,Postal History,Stamps)
113 Sea Turtle Postage Stamps (08/19/97 Nancy B. Linsley USA)
438 Serge K.N. Stamps (11/28/98 Serge K. Nikolaev USA) Links
Russia, Baltic States (Specialties: Covers,Stamps,)
255 Skap's Bug Stamps (03/15/04 James L Skaptason USA) Links
Definitive Reference Collection of Insect and Related Stamp Images (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
63 Southern African Wants (11/13/01 Mark USA)
My wantlist of Southern African stamps, Airletters, (Aerogrammes), Silk FDCs, MaxiSilks, Postcards, Stamps, Revenues, FFCs, genuinely used stamps from the Homelands, etc ... Everything to do with South Africa, SWA and the Homelands. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Postcards,Stamps)
55 Space Mail (02/15/00 Guennadi Grigoriev USA) (Specialties: First Day Covers)
517 Space Philately (09/18/00 Edward A. Locke USA)
Topical material related to space exploration and astronomy. Here you will see stamps commemorating astronauts and cosmonauts, probes and missions to the solar system, famous astronomers, observatories and other subjects (Specialties: Space,Stamps)
256 Space stamps (01/04/01 Sergey Okun USA) Links
Space Topic on stamps. Huge amount of images with catalog numbers. (Specialties: Space,Stamps,Topicals)
521 Spaghetti Stamps (02/07/99 Maurizio Italy) Links
New issues service, postal history, special offers and also a buylist. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Postal History)
117 Stamp Fair and Auction Diary (12/29/98 Stephen Reeves UK) Links
Lists stamp/postcard fairs and auctions in the U.K. (Specialties: Postcards,Stamps,)
265 Stamps From All Over the World (08/26/01 Roland_Karassek Germany)
Complete collections. Various countries and topicals. used/unused. Best quality. High Class Albums. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
119 Stamps Of Panama (12/22/04 Patrick Lamastus USA)
7 Stamps and More (12/18/02 Malcolm Power UK)
Just part of a vast collection for sale. (Specialties: Stamps)
235 Stamps exchange (08/29/00 Roberto Italy) Links
Lets exchange stamps! (Specialties: Exchange/Trade,Phone Cards,Stamps)
367 Stamps of Bulgaria (12/14/04 Ivan Shishkov Bulgaria) Links
Online stamp catalogue for recent Bulgarian issues (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
133 Tanner's Stamps (04/16/01 Duane K. Tanner USA) Links
Site for collectors of Monaco and the United States. Trade, Buy, Sell! (Specialties: Stamps)
345 The Postcard Mercantile (05/11/04 bev Canada)
Vintage postcards of Canada the United States, Quebec, Northern Ontario, Thousand Islands, Hollywood and more (Specialties: Postal Cards)
343 The Stamp Collector (03/23/04 Ricardo Maragna Spain)
Philatelic items for the philatelist who loves philately, and the rest who like stamp collecting. (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Day,Stamps,Topicals)
127 The Stamp Store. (02/23/98 Dieter Dant USA)
U.S. and foreign stamps (Specialties: Stamps)
128 The Stamping Grounds (02/23/98 Derek Reed UK)
The best place to begin your search for other philatelic pages (Specialties: Stamps)
613 Theme Birds on Stamps (10/11/99 Kjell Scharning Norway) Links
Online catalogue of bird stamps. Presented under country heading chronologically with date and description. More than 15500 stamps are listed with face value and bird name in English and Latin. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
570 Tim's Stamp Page (07/03/99 Tim USA) Links
Lighthouse stamps, 'Return to Sender' Covers (Specialties: Covers,Stamps,Topicals)
134 Turkish Stamps (09/15/98 Okan Akgunes Turkey)
Turkish Stamps (Specialties: Country-Specific)
136 United Nations Philatelists (11/04/97 Dennis Hamilton USA)
Promotes the collection, study, and exhibition of the United Nations Postal Administration as well as UN Worldwide Topicals. (Specialties: Stamps)
313 Vietnam & Indochina stamps (10/22/02 Long - Ta phi Viet Nam) Links
Indochina & Vietnam Postal history including postages, and other philately information of Vietnam. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Postal History,Stamps)
84 What a Collection (05/04/00 Ron Dylewski USA)
Collecting Community where stamp collectors and others can post pictures, want lists, and more in a fun, interactive environment. (Specialties: Miscellaneous)
297 Wine Post (07/17/02 Geoff Weston New Zealand)
Stamps, FDC's, cancellations, catalogues, and articles from the Wine Post in New Zealand. A unique local post. (Specialties: Covers/First Day,Stamps)
137 World At War -The Stamp Album of World War II (03/28/97 J.V.Bond Company USA)
154 World Stamps (02/22/02 Chuck USA) Links
Site looking for people who want to trade stamps with posted want lists. (Specialties: Stamps)
17 stamps19 (03/27/05 George Schwenk USA) Links is all about unused 19th century U.S. stamps. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)

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